Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Things to Do With Your Boy/Girlfriend

A while back, I came across a facebook “like” page entitled, “101 Things to Do With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend.” Upon reading it, I wasn’t very surprised to find that every other one of the things listed involved having sex, and the other 50% was simply cliché. I was teaching Theology of the Body for Teens at the time, and an idea occurred to me: what if the TOB students compiled their own list?

“101 (Pure) Things to do with Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend.”

The project was exactly as it sounds. Since today is Valentine’s Day, I have decided to post a shortened version of that list. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Pick blackberries

2. Go mudding on fourwheelers

3. Ride horses

4. Play instruments/sing

5. Role play

6. Have an Airsoft/Paintball war

7. Write a list of everything you like about your partner

8. Paint a portrait of your partner

9. Write a Continued Story

10. Wash a car

Photographs by Gage Seaux. All Rights Reserved.

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