Saturday, January 30, 2016

Your Feelings =/= My Worth

Dear Random Pro-Choicer on the Internet,

If you were in a burning building with my brother, and I could only save one of you, I would not hesitate in my choice.  I would save my brother, with nary a backwards glance for you.
This is only natural; we are closer to those with whom we are close.  We would rush to save the person whom we love, who we know better, with whom we sympathize more.
Therefore, my decision has a lot to say about me--about who I love and care for.  What it has nothing to say about, is you.  My spur of the moment, emotionally charged choice to save my brother does not speak to your humanity, your individuality, your intrisic worth (or lack thereof). It does not speak about you, at all.
So please stop asking Pro-Lifers if they would save a four month old or an embryo.  All your question proves is that you wish to dictate the intrisic worth and fundamental rights of human individuals based on your own feelings.


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