Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are a set of rules that often lead people to believe the church is restrictive. However if looked at closely, one realizes that the commandments are all based on love. It is love to not kill your fellow man, to honor your parents, to not steal, to not lie, etc. Therefore the commandments guide us towards loving God and man. In fact the only reason we have the Ten Commandments is because we do not all love perfectly. If we loved perfectly we would follow these laws, whether they existed or not. But since we do not love perfectly they are here to help us and give us guidelines on how to love both God and our fellow man. Love is the most freeing thing that we can do. It is so because that is what we were made for. We were made to love and it is our purpose. We fulfill this purpose and are freed when we love others. So people say that the laws of the church are restrictive, when they are actually freeing. They guide us towards love since we cannot perfectly love others ourselves. They are there to help us along the way and to remind us what real love is.


  1. The first commandment!
    Thou shall not have no other gods besides ME!

    This commandment has been broken by people worshipping jesus as the son of god when god has no partners or worshipping him as god
    So if we can't abide the first rule, where is the love?

  2. Jesus is God. He is the "ME" described in this commandment. Therefore, there is no contradiction between adoring Him as God and the first commandment.

    Pax et bonum,
    -Tally Marx

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