Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adopting the Unborn

The idea of spiritually "adopting" an unborn child has been around for quite a while.  People ask God to "assign" to them one child who is in danger of being aborted.  They give this child a name and promise to pray for them, not only while he/she faces abortion, but even after they are born and throughout their entire lives.  Saint Padre Pio said that God's power triumphs over everything, but that humble and suffering prayer triumphs over God Himself.  Prayer makes all the difference.  I would like to encourage you to spiritually adopt an unborn child today. 

"Dearest Lord, please guide and and guard this unborn child whom I have spiritually adopted.  Never allow me to forget to suffer and pray for him and, Sweetest Jesus, for his sake, do not ignore my plea.  Make him holier than I, Lord, provided I become as holy as I should.  Command Your angels to take this child by the hand and lead him through this life on earth, following closely in your footsteps.  Never permit him to to stray from Your path, I beg You, Merciful Lord, and when this child's time on earth is through please send Your Most Holy Mother to gather his soul and bring Hhim to live with you in happiness forever.  For this I pray, that You might be glorified in heaven and on earth.  Amen."

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