Monday, May 21, 2012

The Dream Come True

Back when I was teaching Theology of the Body for teens, the subject of tattoos came up.
“Are tattoos immoral?” one girl asked.
The answer?   It all depends on how big it is, what it is of, where it is at, and yourintentions for doing it.
 “So, I could put a tiny cross on my stomach?” she continued, placing her hand on her abdomen.
I paused for a second, thought about that.  “I guess, but who is going to see it there anyway?  No one should be seeing your stomach.”

The entire room grew very still as every single one of the girls stared at me with wide, disbelieving eyes.
“Um…what about bikinis?” one girl said challengingly. 
There was a long period of silence as I considered how to word my thoughts.
The following conversation went something like this:

Do you see the difference between these two photos?


...Neither do I.
(in case you missed it, the first is a bikini, the second a bra and panties)

You know those highly embarrassing dreams you have, that you are out in public wearing nothing but your underwear?  I do not see why everyone considers such a situation so horrifying in a dream when the vast majority of girls have no problem putting themselves in it at the beach.  Sand under one’s toes does not alter the fact that you are wearing nothing more than underwear (and in some cases, even less), or the fact that you are in public.

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