Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free Birth Control!

I've been hearing a lot lately how expensive birth control is. It'll cost women $1,000 to $3,000 a year for birth control, and that is a lot to pay out of pocket. Birth control being essential for women's function in society, they cannot go without it. And as they can't buy it themselves, someone must buy it for them. It's for the sake of the women!

Listen. There is a birth control out there that doesn't cost a dime to manufacture. It is as effective as any hormonal birth control you will ever take, if not more so.

It's called Natural Family Planning. I know people who have used it effectively for over two decades. They have spent no more than $10 on it in all that time; that paid for their thermometer.

Do you need birth control? Fine. Use it. If you insist on using the expensive stuff, because you just prefer it, then pay for your preferences. If you really are that desperate and need birth control that bad, then use what you have, and what is most easily attainable: NFP.

Your preference for a certain form of birth control put you in such a desperate control-less situation. Why should others pay for that? If you don't like NFP...why should others pay for you because you are high maintenance?

If you really need birth control, use NFP.

If you cannot afford your own thermometer, I promise I will donate one to you!


  1. Actually, BC pills as many women have pointed out, help in other health areas, it's not just to prevent having a child. Catholics should swallow their pride and just cope up with paying for contraception and BC pills.

  2. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment, Ideas! Birth control does not assist anything that other treatments to not. In most cases, birth control simply masks the symptoms rather than treating the cause. Like taking pain medication for a toothache while ignoring the cavity, this can actually be worse in the long run. I recommend seeing a NaPro doctor if you have any health issues. Furthermore, birth control can actually cause its own set of problems, infertility being one major concern. Catholics shouldn't have to pay for something that hurts women.